About us:

Since 1991, The Really Great Food Company has produced the highest quality gluten-free certified, wheat-free, soy-free and casein-free baking mixes for people with special dietary needs. As you learn about us, you will see our number 1 priority is making sure our customer is 100% satisfied.

Our exquisite baking mixes are manufactured in our own facility where there is absolutely no risk of cross-contamination. This is extremely important to our owner, who as a celiac, is very sensitive to any trace of gluten.

Special recognition must be extended to Chef Anne Sammartino* for her knowledge, skill, and creativity. Her years of comprehensive studies have successfully merged the science of baking gluten-free flours with the culinary arts. Chef Sammartino’s recipes measure and balance specific combinations of gluten-free flours and fine ingredients. Crucial to formulating recipes is understanding the interaction of ingredients at different stages of the mixing and baking process. This proprietary trade secret has enabled us to attain the ultimate moisture, lightness and flavor for each product. The net result has been to raise gluten-free, wheat-free baking to the highest standard of quality and excellence. This is something about us which separates us from the competition.

We would like to thank every customer who has supported us over the years. We especially appreciate your referrals and most importantly the trust you have given us. Your need will always be our profession.

Really Great Food Company
Management & Staff

*Chef Anne Sammartino – Summa Cum Laude Graduate of the internationally renowned Johnson & Wales School of Culinary Arts of Providence Rhode Island. Her talents were further recognized in 1975, by winning the coveted Mazzucchelli Award at the Boston Food Show in competition with chefs nationwide.