Since 1991, we have manufactured the best gluten free baking mixes. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose The Really Great Food Company for all of your gluten free & allergen free baking needs:

We know our customers needs!

  • We take food allergies seriously
  • Our mixes are made in a dedicated Gluten Free & Nut Free facility & comply with all strict ELISA testing methods
  • We are GFCO Certified
  • We are Orthodox Union Certified
  • We’ve been manufacturing Gluten Free & Allergy Free baking mixes since 1991
  • We hit all marks for individuals with GF & AF food sensitivites
  • We deliver big on FLAVOR, MOISTURE, and TEXTURE!

RGF Bake mixes are not only Certified Gluten Free but Top 8 Allergen Free, and OU Kosher certified too!

  • No Soy
  • No Nuts
  • No Dairy
  • No Wheat
  • No Egg
  • No Casein
  • No Yeast

Vegan friendly recipes!

  • We do not include any dairy or eggs in our actual mixes!
  • Although some of our recipes may call for milk or eggs, our recipes are versatile with it’s substitute ingredients & replacers!

We keep it simple!

  • We source only the best ingredients to provide you with nothing but the best taste!
  • Most of it is in the mix!  Our recipes typically only require 2-3 additional ingredients!
  • We don’t use fillers & artificial preservatives
  • We’ve perfected our recipe.  Just follow the simple instructions & enjoy our tasty baked goods in a few easy steps!

We give you more to enjoy!

  • Our bake mixes typically yield double the quantity that you would get with our competitor brands.
  • We give you MORE Texture!
  • We give you MORE Moisture!
  • We give you MORE Flavor!

Our bake mixes are the ideal choice for moms & are School APPROVED!
We may be GLUTEN FREE & ALLERGY FREE, but we’re most certainly NOT TASTE FREE!
Putting the taste back into Gluten Free & Allergy Free bake mixes since 1991.

*Bulk pricing available. Inquire for more details & pricing*