10 Minute Gluten-Free Pocketless Pita

Using The Really Great Food Company All-Purpose Flour



  • 1 ½ cups RGF All-Purpose flour
  • ½ c garbanzo/fava bean flour
  • 2 teaspoons oil
  • 1 package yeast
  • 1/4 cup warm water
  • ½ cup water
  • Spices


Preheat oven to 350*



  1. Sprinkle yeast into 1/4 cup warm water. Cover with towel. Let sit and rest for 5 minutes.
  2. In large mixing bowl, combine All-Purpose flour, Garbanzo flour, 1/2 cup water, oil and yeast mixture. Mix into a dough using hands or food processor for about 1 minute. If dough is too sticky, add another tbsp of All-Purpose flour.
  3. Roll out into 6 medium balls or 4 large balls depending if you want medium or large pitas.
  4. Flatten out into round pita shape roughly 1/4″ high.
  5. Prick with a fork, brush with oil and sprinkle with spices.


Bake in the oven for 12 -15 minutes


*we used McCormick Mediterranean Spice Combo






Recipe courtesy of @abcglutenfree – https://livestream.com/abcglutenfree

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