What is Spelt Flour?

A common question asked by many people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities is “What is Spelt Flour?”. The first thing you should know is that spelt does indeed contain gluten and should not be eaten by anyone who is gluten-sensitive or has celiac disease. That being said, the presence of gluten does not make spelt wheat.

Spelt is an ancient grain which has been cultivated for centuries. It has recently become popular because, although it does contain gluten, it is a good alternative for wheat and people who cannot tolerate wheat.

For a few years now, the United States Government has required foods be labeled to indicate if they contain any of the top 8 food allergens. As part of the implementation of this law, the FDA has declared that spelt is wheat and that spelt must be labeled as wheat. Although spelt and wheat are indeed closely related, they are two different species.

As you can probably guess, spelt flour is ground from the spelt grain. Spelt has a mildly sweet and nutty flavor that adds character to breads and other baked goods. Its texture is softer and lighter than whole wheat.

Spelt is low in gluten which may be the reason why many people who suffer allergic reactions after eating wheat do not react to spelt. It is also possible that spelt is easier to digest due to the protein in spelt being more soluble than wheat.

Consult your doctor about your own food allergy test results and follow the diet recommended for you.



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