Gluten Free Birthday Cake

Ok, your child’s birthday is in a week.


Party place booked? Check.

Presents bought and wrapped? Check.

Cake planned and ingredients purchased? Um, not so much.


The challenge isn’t merely the fact that children are infamously picky eaters. The real challenges are that your children and half of their party guests cannot tolerate gluten or nuts or dairy etc, and that you’ll have limited time to bake the perfect cake. Sound about right?

The fact is you’re not alone. This is the world we live in today. It seems we’re all discovering food allergies we never knew about and taking steps to live healthier lives. Yet we’re also crazy-busy and don’t have the time needed to fulfill our envisioned lifestyle makeover (such as take off a day of work to bake my son a glorious, scrumptious cake he’ll never forget, gluten-free or not).

The good news is the world is adjusting. Every day, there are more and more options to accommodate the growing number of gluten-free eaters (not to mention nut-free, dairy-free, sugar-free…). And, after years of unpleasant practice, some of these options actually taste good. Seriously.

You want—no, you need—the convenience of “baking from a box,” but you don’t want to give up good taste. And why should you? This is America. If we can put a man on the moon, surely we can create a tasty gluten-free cake mix! Right? One small step for man…one giant step for cake!

I’m happy to report that you’ve found a winner: The Really Great Food Company. The name says it all. We offer 4 varieties of gluten free cake mix, and all of them are, well, really great. We usually opt to make the Golden Cake Mix on the big day as it is a great base for many different varieties of cake. But we also offer Devils Food Cake, Yellow Cake and Chocolate Cake mixes. As I said, children tend to be exceptionally discerning, so one or 2 of these flavors is likely to please the lot of them.

Hopefully we can help just a little bit in planning your child’s next birthday.



The Really Great Food Company


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