Gluten Free Baking

Whether you have celiac disease or just need to avoid gluten for other health reasons, such as a gluten sensitivity or another autoimmune disease, you have most likely discovered that gluten free baking can be a bit of a learning process. Figuring out what flours to use(rice, almond coconut, teff etc etc), wondering how to incorporate xanthan gum or guar gum, potato starch or corn starch, etc, can be a bit overwhelming even for the most seasoned baker. Gluten free baking does require some practice.

Don’t be scared: gluten free baking doesn’t have to be any more difficult than traditional baking if you have the right ingredients. If you are going to bake from scratch, then you will have to search high and low to find the perfect combination of flours, starches, gums….the list goes on. The alternative is to use a pre-packaged mix. In many cases, the gluten free baking mixes on the market are inferior, so the final product ends up tasting bad and gives gluten free baking a bad name. Every ingredient must be carefully sourced to ensure the highest taste, quality and texture and many companies don’t do that. The industry norm has been to slap together a bunch of ingredients and call something gluten free.

At The Really Great Food Company, we have been manufacturing gluten free baking mixes since 1991, before eating gluten free became ‘mainstream’. In that time, we have perfected our recipes to bring you the best tasting gluten-free, allergy-free & kosher baking mixes on the market today. You will not detect any aftertaste with our mixes. The texture, moistness and consistency is exactly what you would expect with a similar product that wasn’t allergen free. To be blunt, we are the best at we do.

As for the preparation, we’ve done all of the work for you. Typically, you just need to add 3-4 ingredients to our mixes and you are done. We source ingredients from all over the world to bring you the best possible product. Give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.


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